Image of the deluxe Hollywood Smile at-home, DIY teeth-whitening kit.

Teeth-whitening Kit - Deluxe Pack

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• 1 retainer case to store trays until next treatment

• 1 desensitizing/remineralization gel, to help prevent sensitivity while restoring vitamins and minerals back into teeth and gum

• 5 Vitamin E swabs to moisturize gums and lips before and after whitening process

• 2 x 3ml specially formulated whitening gels, good for up to 15 whitening sessions! (made in the USA) 

• 1 LED whitening activation light, With 5x times the power of other LED whitening lights. Proven to speed up and enhance the whitening process.

•  1 set of custom mouth trays

• 1 teeth shade guide to track progress